Maya | Mirroring a Point Across a Plane Using Nodes

Using Maya Nodes and a bit of maths, Armin Halac offers a look at creating a mirroring across a plane, such as mirroring and object and its behavior across the YZ planes.  One of the great things about Autodesk Maya, is that you have the opportunity to build things simple by stringing nodes together – not as affluently as you could in Houdini or Softimage mind you, but still very practical.

Mirroring a point across a plane (ex. YZ plane) seems easy but it requires a couple of math tricks to make it work every timeArmin Halac

With this setup, if you move an object, its mirror will repeat that behavior, and it even works if the objects breaks through the plane it is set to mirror on. Armin suggests that the key to this is due to the “dot” product nodes, giving projection information for an arbitrary point on the Y and Z Axes. With those values, you are able to get everything you need to find the mirrored positions. Armin notes that this type of calculation can be done on any objects in Maya, with a single vertex, curves, etc. Check out the Armin’s Post for Mirroring Across a Planein Maya Using Nodes here.


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