Creating Abstract Animated Shapes With Plexus in After Effects

GraphicinMotion’s Roland Hartmann gives us some insights in how to create the popular abstract animated shapes using the Plexus particle plugin in After Effects.

how to create an abstract shape animation in Adobe After Effects using the Plexus.

Plexus 2 can have a very distinct look to it, and it is that look this tutorial covers.

Roland covers quite a bit of stuff, but most importantly shows how to bring in 3D objects from Cinema 4D for the plugin to use in After Effects.

Showing the workflow between C4D, some OBJ export tips for your objects, and how to add the geometry into Plexus, Roland also covers adding effects, camera movement and adjusting keyframes for fit and finish.

Check out the tutorial for How to Create Abstract Animated Shapes in After Effects using Plexus here.

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    Thanks guys for featuring my tutorial! Your website is awsome!

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