Rubberize Any Puppet Pin in Ae, with Rubberize It!

Rubberize It! is a new tool for After Effects that can easily affect your puppet pins, giving them motion that is based in physics. All you need to do is place Rubberize It! on layers that use the puppet pins, select a material to mimic, and then click Rubberize.

Turn layers to Plastic, Rubber or Goop in seconds. Reacts to motion w/o keyframes. Based on real physics!


Rubberize It! will react naturally to the changes in that layers position, retain and scale without the need to keyframe any of it. When you animate your layer in After Effects, Rubberize It! will squash and stretch it as if it were made of rubber, vinyl, goop or whatever material you select. There are eight materials to choose from or your can experiment and mix your own.

The plugin works by displacing the puppet pins based the acceleration of the layer. This means that  Rubberize It! can automatically react to changes in your layer’s position, rotation and/or scale. It even works with motions inherited from a parent layer.

Powerful yet intuitive, the UI was built with ease of use in mind and offers a quick learning curve. Changes are fast to make and apply.  Works with type, stills, video, shapes, vectors or most other type of layers you can put puppet pins on.


Rubberize It! for After Effects Features:

  • 8 different material presets
  • Sliders to create your own materials
  • Combine multiple materials on one layer
  • Chaos feature adds randomized element to materials
  • 2 Formulas for two different types of reactions
  • Smart Rubberize! Button
  • Clean button will delete expressions from selected pins
  • Bake function to speed preview and rendering
  • Very short learning curve


Rubberize It! can be found on rescripts + aeplugins for $39.99. There is currently a special 20% off introductory price that runs  until Dec 9, 2014. Check the page for more information on Rubberize It! for After Effects.