Compression Preview for Ae Allows Evaluation of Compression Before Rendering

Have you ever wanted to have something similar to the “Save for Web” functionality directly in After Effects? Until now, it is difficult (or impossible) to know what will actually render with your compression settings and how it will look until it is rendered.

Compress a frame range directly from within the After Effects timeline

ZERO VFX Boston sought out to change this with their new Compression Preview Plug-in for After Effects. Compression Preview allows you to see the affects of your compression settings before you render.

Compression Preview allows you to compress a frame range from directly in the After Effects timeline. You can preview the export in realtime, letting you see exactly what kind of troubles the final render will have before you commit to render.

One of the things that is common when using compression is an unwanted and infuriating color shift with the render. With Compression Preview you can just apply a color correction before the plugin in the effects panel to counteract the color change.

Compression Preview houses all of the things that you would want within an export preview plugin, allowing you to check for compression artifacts, banding, and color shifts. You can even estimate the final file size before the render. The plugin also has handy presets for common video platforms including Youtube and Vimeo.


Compression Preview Availability and Pricing

Zero FX have sun off a new company for the product, called Code Zero Software, where you can learn more about Compression Preview, and purchase for $49.00.