Sneak Look at Houdini 14 Features

SideFX  software have posted a look at what is up and coming in Houdini 14 which has a planned release for January 2015. One of the most impressive features is the new position based dynamics solver which can handle complex dynamic effects such as some amazing sand effects, and soft body simulations.

some of the Houdini 14 features being released in January of 2015.

Also on tap for Houdini 14 is a new projects environment setting content directories for all your assets, a new animation editor incorporating animation layers. Houdini 14 will feature new custom Python panels for PySide and PyQT, a new selection workflow that incorporates preselection highlighting and group selection.

Houdini 14 also will have artist based grooming tools based on OpenVDB, new crowd tools that can interact with fluids and effects, with a finite state machine, packed agents, and hardware accelerated agents that can deform at render time. Release is scheduled for January 15, 2015.