Orestis Konstantinidis shows how you can get something like a simple swarm simulation going in Cinema 4D by creating marching scorpions that will move across an objects surface.

how to make a swarm of scorpions crawling on a surface using Cinema 4D and CMotion

While not technically a full-on swarm simulation (as the swarm elements will not have any intelligence to them), it does represent an easy way to create something similar to one. Orestis uses C4D’s cMotion and tracer objects with a bit of Xpresso to get the swarm going.


The Ottoman Animated Short Film

This tutorial was inspired from the short film “The Ottoman” which is in the last stages of their Kickstarter campaign – check out the  Ottoman Kickstarter: kickstarter.com/projects/1027198543/the-ottoman-animated-short-film

An download the scene file from the tutorial here: dropbox.com/s/4i6n67k64y6bi88/scorpion_swarm.c4d?dl=0