If you are a beginner and want to learn more about modeling head and face features in Maya, James Taylor gets you started with a strong look at modeling topology for animation.

roper topology is a must for head modeling

Here, James Taylor runs through modeling a base head for a character in Maya using image planes for visual reference. James set the focus on proper base topology that is minimally required for character animation.

Edge flow, loops, triangles, n-Sides and poles all become very important things to consider once an organic and flexible form is put to motion through a series of deformations.

James walks through creating the base head and face from start to finish, describing the process he uses for creating good topology and edge flow. The end result is a well topologized head model that will be perfect for animation or sculpting.

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  1. Peter DiCamillo

    Had James as a professor in college. Definitely one of my favorite teachers. The man knows his stuff and gave the best feedback. Good to see his content getting some exposure. Take it all in. I put myself into a lot of debt with student loans to get this stuff. His classes, were two of the few classes I felt it was worth it.


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