Ilir Beqiri has been banging out some great tutorials for Cinema 4D lately. Recently, Ilir has posted a look at how he approaches transferring Cinema 4D animations to other 3D applications – showing how to bake mograph animations into something that other 3D applications will be able to use effectively.

C4D is great for Mograph type animations but exporting those animations to other packages can get a rather tricky business

If you work in a collaborative environment, you may be asked to pass C4D animations to other applications to continue the workflow or even to render. It can be tricky to export Cinema 4D animations to other packages.

Ilir notes that there are 3rd party plugins that will enable you to easily bake Mograph animated scenes into point level animation and exert that result to FBX.

There is also Alembic support which provides a great options, but what if the application you are operating for doesn’t have Amebic support?

This is why Ilir Beqiri has come up with a way to Bake Mograph natively in Cinema 4D, using standard tools and some Xpresso.

Ilir says that this method has proven very efficient in baking not just one, but several Mograph setups to PLA and exporting to FBX for use into 3DS Max, Lightwave or even advanced compositing packages like Nuke.