The Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel shares a couple of tips for baking deformers and effectors in Cinema 4D so that you can easily access its polygonal components.

Joren also shows how you can bake the animation of your deformer / effector, using the Cinema 4D Point Cache Tag.


The Bake in Cinema 4D

Fuchs & Vogel shows baking Mograph animations down to individual objects by using a simple Xpresso setup – Bake Mograph Animations to Objects Using Xpresso.

Ryan Somerville shares his technique for baking out any NURBS object to PLA in Cinema 4D with the post How To Bake C4D NURBS into Point Level Animation

ilir beqiri shares his technique for passing Cinema 4D animations to other 3D packages for further processing or rendering – How To Natively Bake Mograph Animations for Other Applications.

Athanasios Pozantzis shows how to bake a dynamic simulation of a fractured sphere to keyframes within Cinema 4D with the post Easily Bake Dynamic Fracture Objects into Keyframes in C4D.