Sculpting an Elephant in ZBrush, With Isaac Oster

Character Artist Isaac Oster has been posting some great sculpting tutorials that are intended for new artists looking to learn more about organic modeling techniques within ZBrush.

for artists new to Zbrush and interested in learning more about organic modeling techniques

We have had a look previously at Isaac’s tutorial showing how to Sculpt a Closed Hand in ZBrush, which offered a look at developing and refining organic forms. Here, Isaac dives into sculpting an elephant with an in-depth six part look at the process.

Isaac Oster is a character artist with 6 years professional experience in the game industry. His professional experience includes Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Batman Arkham: Origins. He is currently working on an unannounced next gen project at Certain Affinity in Austin, Tx. He also teaches game art at the Art Institute of Austin.