Motion graphics design animator ilir beqiri was looking for more control over splines that were created on surfaces in Cinema 4D. As ilir notes, there are a couple of ways that this can be approached.

live spline projection using xpresso in Cinema 4d

One of the techniques was demonstrated by Dobromir Dyankov who showed how you can draw live splines directly onto an objets surface in C4D, the other was a similar technique by Yader.

These techniques work great, only that they do not provide a lot of control over the result, or allow you the flexibility of animation over the live spline. This is where ilir beqiri experimented with MoSpline, Thinking Particles, etc to come up with a better more robust solution.

The result was an Xpresso driven system that would allow you to project a live spline onto an object in C4D, and still give you complete control over it along with the ability to animate the resulting projection – great stuff.

You may have seen other C4D tutorials on the internet showing you how to draw a spline onto a surface (two of them come to my mind: and

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  1. Craig Zuckerman

    great job, I’ll try to reproduce this, thank you!-CZ

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