Rohan Dalvi has a look at using Houdini’s Position Based Dynamics to simulate dry or wet sand, or even basic soft-body, cloth or strands animations. Here Rohan covers the basics and the parameters for using the POP grains solver.

a brief introduction to the POP grains solver or the new Position Based Dynamics which has been introduced in Houdini 14

New in Houdini 14 is the position based dynamics solver, which can create complex and detailed simulations for sand, snow or simulate any material that is made up of macroscopic particles. Position-Based Dynamics in Houdini are multi-threaded thanks to its exclusive reliance on VEX-based operators.

Rohan shows how to set up the Grain Source, and how to manually set up POP grains rather than using the shelf. There is also a simple tip on how to create the PLEXUS effect in Houdini towards the end of the video.