With the “flat design” term not only being thrown around, but also produced heavily these days, it’s interesting to see how much of that look can be achieved in a “non flat” 3D application such as Cinema 4D.

setting this up will allow cinema 4D to generate them automatically when the object is moving

Rene Czepluch shares his technique for creating the cartoon Action Lines that would indicate fast motion. The set up is largely dynamic and automatic, generating streaks and lines only when the object is moving in C4D.

The action lines set up in C4D is also highly customizable, allowing you to change things such as the spring in the motion, the speed that the streak will follow your key object, the length of the speed lines, and more.

The cool thing is that Rene shows how to do this with splines which ultimately will allow you to generate assets and resources for other projects.
Flat design motion streaks with Cinema 4d – or just cartoonish looking motion streaks, to help illustrate motion in your animation.
As an amendment to the technique, Rene shows how, by changing the null’s distance, change the sweep nurbs percentage value. He notes that this can be used on anything including a Range mapper or distance node.