Mix Textures and a Cel shader With C4D

Tigran Manukyan Shows How to Get a Cel Shader Look in Cinema 4D for Elements That Have Textures.

We know that there is no shortage of Cinema 4D Cel shader or Cel Look tutorials out there. A simple search can show tens of hundreds of solid returns. That is not to say that there is no more to say on the subject, because Motion Designer Tigran Manukyan does. His latest tutorial shows how you can create that valued cartoon look for a scene that also incorporates textures.

Manukyan walks through how he set up his scene, animating the flipping pages of a calendar. “Imagine you have a texture, and you want it to have shadows and cartoon look,” Manukyan says. That is what the tutorial is all about, and for those who wish to follow along, you can download the Cinema 4D file on Manukyan’s Dribbble page here.