With the popularity of camera enabled drones these days comes a new challenge. How to effectively work with the typical super wide angle shots that you might get from a GoPro camera.

Ever tried tracking wide angle go pro drone footage in After Effects?

Here Mikey Borup shows how to track wide angle footage so you can add your effects, type or any other element and have it sit like it was actually in the shot.

The process is rather simple thanks to some of After Effects CC new tools such as the Camera tracker and lens effects. The most important part of the process ends up being the order in which things need to happen, facilitated of course by PreComposing layers.

Typically you would want to remove the lens distortion from the shot before attempting any track, and then place the lens distortion back on for final renders. Mikey will show you how, and how to account for the fish eye effect of the go pro.

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  1. Richie

    I can’t get the Optics Compensation to reverse. Have I missed something?
    My original comp (‘Drone Footage’ in your comp) still has O.C. effect via it’s precomp.



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