OtherCubed’s  Tom Stockley has released Vigoro for After Effects, a new tool that allows you to create and customize offset animations in Ae, in a fraction of the time that it would to traditionally set up by hand.

Vigoro is a companion or extension that grew out of the popular and free Circles Script which gave you a small portion of the functionality that is available in Vigoro.

Vigoro is a powerful and extremely customisable tool to create amazing offset animations that would take hours or days to set up traditionally.

Vigoro offers you an Ae panel that lets you set up Vigoro compositions that are automatically built to offset animation, giving you some standard layers and control layers.

You are able to add to the layer stack to build upon the infest animation that is housed within, and you can also change the content, and tweaked or keyed to build your vision.


Vigoro assists you, allowing you to create a any array of animations that can range from simple labels, transitions, all the way up to complex illustrations. Everything can be offset, tweaked, and keyframed – and with over 150 keyframeable options the possibilities are limitless.

Once you are happy with your animation, you can keep it to base future animations from, or you can bake the work you have done using Vigoro’s Bake/Freeze panel, baking down the offset animation and expression to keyframes, keeping your project working fast.

Below, Tom walks through installing Vigoro and how the tool works within After Effects, showing the basics of how to create animation with Vigoro’s workflow.


Vigoro for After Effects Pricing and Availability

Vigoro is available through aescripts.com or directly through othercubed.com. Both places are offering $10 off your purchase until 13th Feb 2015. Check out the page for Vigoro After Effects Offset Animation Tool for more details.