A Quick Look at ZBrush’s NanoMesh Particle System

Ryan Kingslien presents a look at how the new NanoMesh feature works in ZBrush, and how ti can be used to create hand crafted generative work.

A quick look at ZBrush’s Nanomesh “particle system” and how I use it to help me create hand-crafted generative artwork.

With the recent release of ZBrush 4R7 you are now able to create highly detailed models by using the NanoMesh feature. NanoMesh is essentially a particle instancer that works within ZBrush.

With NanoMesh you are able to place and distribute objects along the surface or volume of a model. You can easily insert 3D models not a mesh and populate them based on a ZModeler Target. You can then modify the object instances in real time by chaining up instance scale, offset, angle and multiple alignment.

One of the powerful things about using NanoMesh is that you can also create a random distribution that will propagates the instances across the surface of the model randomly.