BUF Preps Proprietary Tools for Commercial Release

BUF software project

For as long as I can remember, BUF has been at the forefront of VFX, responsible for some of the most iconic images on film. Recently, the Paris / Montreal based VFX house has announced that it will be making some of its commercial tools available for commercial and public release.

introducing bsuite, ensuring the full pipeline. all fully integrated.

Bcreative Suite

BUF plans on releasing the Bcreative Suite – A complete 3D Pipeline suite of tools that range from modeling, dynamics, animation, to high end rendering, node based compositing, a batch process manager and more.


These are some of the same tools that BUF has used over their course of 30 years in business. Bsuite’s components look pretty extensive, including Bcolor, a node based compositing tool, Brender, BUF’s own high end rendering engine, and Bstudio, a complete 3D content creation studio that ranges  from modeling, to dynamics, to animation to high end rendering.


Another tool, Bpaint will offer a 2D animation tool that has manages layers and image sequences to quickly produce 2D animations.

BUF plans to roll out the Bcreative Suite progressively, followed by the Bpipeline Suite. Register now and learn more.


More immediately, will be Bview – BUF’s sequence playback tool. Bview will offer a simple and robust tool that will playback all industry standard image sequence & movie formats from both disk or RAM sources. View will be available first, and will be a free download – Register to learn when Bview will be released.


Check out the BUF Software Project for more information on all the tools that are headed for release.