BUF Software Project Releases Bview, a Sequence Player for VFX & Animation

The BUF Software Project, a division of the Paris / Montreal based VFX house, recently announced that it will be making some of its commercial tools available for commercial and public release. The first of these tools is the free bView playback tool, which can be used for playback, review and export of images and image sequences.

High resolution image and sequence player for VFX and animation


bView sets out to be a provisional grade playback tool that studio’s and individuals can use to playback, review and export image sequences. Bview supports all the popular industry standard image formats including OpenImageIO based : DPX 10-12-16, OpenEXR1/2, Tiff, as well as movie formats that are Ffmpeg based. bView also handles 3D Stereoscopic images (anaglyph, stereo active glasses, interlaced glasses).

The bView player can play back multiple image sequences & movies from both disk or RAM sources allowing you managing the memory consumption.

bView allows you to split the viewer, making it a perfect tool for comparisons. You can review sequences in context, and even annotate or paint directly on the viewer.

You can run the split view in different compare modes. You can use wipe, blend, and difference, each providing sliders for control.

bView handles simple video editing and batch processing with extensive command line support, making it easier to integrate bView in your pipeline. The player also handles export to all industry standard image sequence or movie formats.

bView is a free download through the BUF software project, and operates under Linux and MacOSX. Learn more about bView, part of the bSuite tools from Buf.