Toolchefs’ Updated Camera Lattice Adds Multiple Deformers Per Camera

A while ago, the Toolchef’s released the Camera Lattice Tool for Maya which offered a great way to do screen space deformations for animation.

The camera lattice tool will allow you to attach a lattice to your camera and deform anything that is in its view.

With the latest update, you can now assign more than one lattice per camera. You can change out which lattice you are using by selecting it in a list. This makes it easy to swap out one lattice of another, or work with a combination of lattices in an animation.

The Camera Lattice Tool can easily affect multiple meshes with a single camera space deformer. Add an extra push to your animated poses, or extend a pose beyond what the characters rig can do by using camera space deformations.

The Camera Lattice tool works in Maya versions 2014 – 2015 and can be purchased through the Tool Chef’s site for roughly $60.00. Check out the Camera Lattice Tool for Maya here.