Tool Chef’s Camera Lattice Tool Offers Camera Space Deformations in Maya

The Tool Chef’s Camera Lattice Tool offers a great solution for creating mesh deformations in camera space. The tool will allow you to attache a lattice to your shot camera and deform any mesh.

The Camera Lattice Tool can easily affect multiple meshes with a single camera space deformer. Add an extra push to your animated poses, or extend a pose beyond what the characters rig can do by using camera space deformations.

The Camera Lattice Tool Features:

  • Lattice deformation in camera space
  • Easily affects multiple meshes with a single camera lattice
  • Bezier and linear interpolations
  • Recursion parameter for bezier deformation
  • Deform meshes with multiple camera lattices
  • Utilities for accurate control on lattice points

The tool works in Maya versions 2014 – 2015 and can be purchased through the Tool Chef’s site for roughly $60.00. Check out the Camera Lattice Tool for Maya here.