Mighty Nice is a Sydney-based animation studio co-founded by Nexus Productions in London and Darren Price, their one-time Head of 3D.


Director: Robertino Zambrano
Producer: Gabrielle Joosten
Designer/ Storyboard Artist: Jason Pamment
Technical Direction: Vincent E Sousa
3D Modelling: Greg Petchkovsky, Sergei Astahov, Dominic Lau
3D Layout: Ben Hubbard
Rigging: Alex Toufaili, Ludovic Abas
Animation: Ben Hubbard & Michael Singca
Lighting, Rendering, VFX: Greg Petchkovsky, Serge Kovalenko, Vincent Sousa
Compositor: Fiona Lu & Navid Bagherzadeh
Matte painting: Jason Pamment