Smart Normal Goes WebGL, Create Normal Maps In The Browser

Smart Normal 2.0

Smart Normal 1.0 was an online tool that would allow you to create and convert normal maps from images. Version 1.0 was based in Adobe Flash, and featured AIR-driven, lightweight normalmapper supporting condensed and sobel-filters.

Recently, Jan Frischmuth has updated the tool as a complete WebGL application that runs in the browser. SmartNormal 2.0 is WebGL and GPU powered, and offers realtime preview, uncompressed output and a maximum texture size up to 8192*8192px depending on your device.

Check out the new Smart Normal 2.0 and get converting.


The Original Smart Normal is still operating, you can find that here: SmartNormal 1.0.

Smart Normal version 1 had the features of:

  • fast and userfriendly installation thanks to adobe air
  • supports drag and drop (AIR-version)
  • realtime filter preview
  • can invert the source image and channels
  • sobel-edge, condensed and blur filter
  • supports jpg, png, gif-files
  • saves uncompressed jpeg-files
  • is only 130kb small
  • is free to use