Maya RBF Solver Sees Release

A few days ago we had a look at Hans Godard’s RBF Solver for Maya. Hans is a Character TD for Naughty Dog, and wanted to make a tool,that has existed in larger faculties, available to everyone.

The RBF solver has N-dimensional Keys and M-dimensional Values.

The RBF Solver (Radial Basis Function Solver) for Maya allow you to interpolate an input in a system defined by poses. Each pose describes a key and a value. This makes the concept of the RBF Solver similar to a set driven key.

Where it differs, is that a regular set driven key has one dimensional keys and values – this means that essentially, each key is a float and its value is a float value.

The RBF Solver has N-dimentional keys, and M-dimensional values. This means that keys can be anything, and values can be anything.


RBF Solver Availability and Pricing

The RBF Solver is available through the Autodesk Exchange. The tool is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux systems, and can be purchased for $199.00. More information on the RFB Solver for Maya can be found on the Autodesk Exchange.