Ever wanted to be able to use motion tracked data from the After Effects 3D Camera Tracker in another application? An example would be adding a 3D model from a non-Cinema 4D or C4D lite application to a shot in Ae.

using motion data from the 3D camera Tracker in After Effects in Maya

The After Effects 3D Camera Tracker is an amazing JDI tool (just do it). All you have to do is run the effects and site back while the system analyses the scene and lays out the tracking points. However being a JDI feature, there isn’t really deeper access into the resulting tracking points.

John Reid Perkins-Buzo created such a look, that was initially intended for his students. John has graciously posted the three part series for everyone who would like a starter on how to use motion data from the 3D Camera Tracker in After Effects in Maya.

John uses an older script for After Effects, from Ryan Gilmore, AE3D. The script will allow you to write out a text file that can be read by other 3D applications including Maya, 3Ds Max, or LightWave.

The script will export camera’s and turn any other layer in After Effects into a Null (or locator) when you bring it into Maya. By using the AE3D script you are able to create a match move  workflow between After Effects and Maya.