Use X-Particles 3 Constraints for Viscous Fluids and Sand Effects

In case you missed it, X-Particles 3 has been released. X-Particle 3 adds some great new features including an accurate variational FLIP Solver. Along side this is a new Elektrix object for lightning or electrical effects, a new Branching modifier for branched structures, and a host of other modifiers allowing you to achieve various effects.

a look at the X-Particles 3 Particle Based Dynamics system xpConstraints.

Here, Insydium’s Mike Batchelor shows how to use the X-Particles 3 constraint system to create effects such as viscosity, surface tension and friction, and sand-like effects.

X-Particles 3 particle based dynamics are contained within the X-Particles constraints object. This will constrain objects together with a dynamic spring. This is can be used for effects such as viscosity, surface tension and friction.

X-Particles is a modern particle simulation and rendering environment for C4D. It uses a novel system of rules, questions and actions for creating particle simulations. Visit the X-Particles 3 page to learn more about pricing.