Xpresso is an amazing environment, capable of a great many things. Having said that, there will be parts of it that may remain a mystery. The long list of nodes in Xpresso almost suggest that some nodes you will completely understand, and others might have their understanding obscured by some.

Luckily, creativMotion has started a new series that is set to take a look at Xpresso Nodes and their use – their practical use. The first of such tutorials centers around Cinema 4D’s BitMap Node in Xpresso.

creativMotion shows a simple practical example for using the BitMap Node in C4D, and then also takes a look at how you can achieve the same results as the BitMap node using Python.

There are times even a seasoned Xpresso artist will question the use of some nodes, how they operate, or how to use it within context. The tutorial answers these questions with an explanation of how the BitMap node does its job in C4D, and how you can use the node in your own work. A breakdown of the Python code used to get the same result of the Xpresso BitMap Node can be seen at 9:21.