How to Rig a Clamp and Spring With Xpresso in C4D

SilverwingVFX looks into Cinema 4Ds Xpresso and how to use it to rig your everyday objects easily, like a clamp and spring.

Simple scripting is a great way to automate tasks and make animation easier. With Cinema 4D, that can be Xpresso. Here SilverwingfVFX (Raphael Rau) shows how to use Xpresso to rig everyday objects; in this case, that’s a simple clamp and spring setup.

The tutorial covers using Xpresso and User Data to create a little HUD interface that opens and closes a clamp with an inside spring system.

Rau often takes specific rendering and general CG techniques and does a deep dive showing off things like working with nested dielectricsray switch nodes, and working with cryptomatte.