Understanding Logic Gates With Cinema 4D Xpresso

Expresso Mechanic TV looks at logic gates within the Boole Node With Cinema 4D Xpresso.

This new Cinema 4D Xpresso nuts-and-bolts tutorial from Expresso Mechanic TV offers a deep dive into working with the Logic Gates within the Boole Node in Cinema 4D Xpresso.

The tutorial explains how all six functions work, so if you need clarification on the differences between AND and XOR, this is the tutorial for you.

About Julian Field, the Expresso Mechanic.

Julian Field, AKA Expresso Mechanic (3D artist/animator), is an independent creative spirit based in Kent, UK. Field teaches Logic Pro and Cinema 4D (Xpresso) via Skype and offers one-to-one tuition in your home if you are in the UK.