Multi Script Editor, Cross Python Programming Editor

VFX and Technical Artist Paul Giydenko (Paul Winex) released his Multi Script Editor Tool.

Multi Script Editor is an open source, cross-platform, cross Python programming editor. The Script Editor is written with PySide, and is designed to be used in any application as a scripting tool and IDE.

The Multi Script Editor was initially intended as an additional script editor for Houdini. The tool later became a widget for Maya and Nuke.

The idea behind the Multi Script Editor is a programming tool can be bolted to almost any application that uses Qt. The only caveat is that you need scripting support for Python 2.7.

Multi Script Editor has code hinting and syntax for multiple platforms and runs as a stand alone scripting environment.


Download the Multi Script Editor for Maya, Nuke and Houdini, over at Paul’s site.


Multi Script Editor’s main functions are:

  • preservation and restoration of the tabs and the code in them
  • execution of the selected code by pressing Ctrl + Enter
  • Adjust the color theme of the code editor
  • code completion
  • context completion for specific software