Creative Dojo’s VinhSon Nguyen, posts a his latest script for After Effects, allowing you to create visual links between layers in Ae. The Dojo Array Connector is meant to be a lightweight solution to connect and link layers together in an array.

Dojo Array Connector is a script developed to link and connect multiple layers into a visual grid array.

The script works with all layer types in After Effects, this even includes 3D layers. Dojo Array Connector provides some simple controls letting you tweak the appearance and behavior of the array.

VinhSon notes that for now, the script is under the “Name Your Own Price” format at Creative Dojo. Visit Creative Dojo for more information on the Dojo Array Connector script.

Array Connector Features:

  • Instantly create connections between layers
  • Customizable controls over appearance and behaviors
  • Individual control over lines and points for easier compositing/stylization
  • Fully interactive 3D
  • Works with all layers including nulls, lights, and images

Connecting Layers in After Effects

There are a couple of other tools out there that will allow you to connect things together in After Effects. Most notably, there is the Motion Boutique Connect Layers Script which offers more in terms of flexibility.

Connect Layers Script gives you three different types of connections – Spanning tree, Delaunay triangulation & 2D rope connection. The rope connection type builds a shape layer and path, connecting the selected layers in 2D.

Motion Boutique’s script also a “name your price” offering that can be found on AeScripts + AePlugins, check out the Connect Layers Script.