MARI Extension Pack Adds a Rewritten Channel Layer System

MARI Extension pack 2.1 has been revealed, adding some new features, improving others, as well as some bug fixes.  The MARI Extension Pack represents a collection of over 70 feature additions and improvements for MARI 2.6 v3 or higher, created by a number of users from the MARI Community and released as a open-source bundle by

MARI Extension Pack 2.1

Viewport Pause: New to MARI Extension Pack is the ability to pause the viewport, with a new button appearing in the to ‘Lighting’ Toolbar. This allows you to pause viewport calculations. Pausing the viewport will allow you work faster with such operations as Layer-reordering, without having to wait for a viewport update each time a change is made.

Unreal Shader: There is also a new Shader. The new Unreal shader is a BRDF Shader that is compatible with Unreal Engine 4. This new shader is an extended version of the Unreal Shader that was included in MARI Indie 2.6v5, with these additional features.

  • Warnings when painting illegal values that would break physically based shading
  • Sliders for Values (will be overwritten when corresponding slot is mapped)
  • Emissive Color
  • Flat+Basic Lighting Modes will return BaseColor instead of black when metallic is 1

Geometry Procedurals: A new node that will fill the current selection of an object, patch or face selection with a specified color was added.
Filling patches has always been possible in Mari, but the new node will make it possible to fill a face selection as well.

Adjustment Layers: new Color Temperature, SV lookup and Edge from Normal Map adjustment layers make their way to the MARI Extension pack 2.1 allowing you to change the color temperature in familiar way using Kelvin values, remap Saturation and Value along a Curve and run an edge/curvature detection respectively.

For a complete list of what is new in the MARI Extension Pack 2.1, check the documentation.