Commander is a Universal Launcher for After Effects That Will Change How You Work

Dave Jacobson posts a look into his commander script for After Effects. The Commander is an all-in-one search and launch tool for Ae. Dave has built commander to be a tool that saves time from navigating menu systems in After Effects, allowing you to spend more time in creative work.

an all-in-one search and launch script for After Effects

Think of commander as command line access to all of your After Effects menus, scripts, tools, etc. Simply type in what you are looking for, and tab over through the results, and hit enter. It’s a pretty amazing workflow enhancement tool for After Effects, when you see how it can be used.

Commander can apply effects, expressions and animation presets with a single key. The universal launcher tool can also run menu commands, scripts, and can locate and open items from the After Effects’ Project Panel.

Dave notes that the script should work for After Effects CC, CC2014, and CC2015. Commander for After Effects can be downloaded on Dave’s site, so be sure to check out Commander Script for After Effects.

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