Creature TD and Tools Developer Subbu Addanki posts a look at his latest character auto rigging tool, EasySnake. The auto rigging tool makes it simple to rig up a snake-like character or any tubular shaped long object.

The great thing about the EasySnake tool, is that you can simply designate a path, and the tools will take care of the forward direction of the snake, as well as the sidewinding snake-like motion. This makes it really easy to direct the snake animation in your scene.

EasySnake adds to Subbu’s auto rigging suite of tools that include EasyBird, EasyRig, EasyQuad that will allow you to rig quadruped characters with similar ease.

All of Subbu’s EasyRig tools make use of and leverage his HyperSkinning System for Maya in some way.

EasySnake Features:

  • Various Types of Ctrl Shapes
  • Selection of No. of Joints and No. Of Ctrls
  • Flexibility at both ends
  • Initial Selection Type: Curve or Jnts
  • Ctrl Type: Grouped or Cluster Ctrl
  • Ctrl Parent Style: Individual or Parented to Next Ctrl
  • Random Ctrl Colors
  • Path Animation: Easy Snake Animation Along Path
  • Crawling Setup for Snake motion
  • Hyper Smooth for Skinning

Subbu is offering a free rigged snake character that has used the EasySnake system, (which can be found at that link… eventually). For more information on EasySnake for Maya, check it’s page at Subbu’s site.