Working With Maya’s Native Quick Rig Tool

Are you thinking, “Maya has a quick rig tool?” It does! Added back in Maya 2016 Ext 2, and rolled into Maya 2017, the Quick Rig Tool in Maya. The tool is a simple but effective auto-rigging tool that lets you rig characters by auto-magically analyzing the mesh to build skeletons and a control rig.

Maya’s Quick Rig Tool has a one-click method for creating character rigs that is based on HIK (Human IK). The one-click method works best with bipedal characters without too many geometry defects. The tool also has the ability to run in a step-by-step mode. This means that if you want to create only a skeleton with out the rig, or just the controls for the various parts of the rig, you can.

Autodesk’s Steven Roselle walks through using the built-in auto-rigging tool in Maya, covering the features and how it all works. It’s a great little tool for rigging characters fast, without getting too bogged down the technical aspect of rigging.