Josh Buck has created a set of tools to assist in the process of rigging characters in Autodesk Maya. Comprising as a suite of individual tools for task specific work, in addition to, a complete auto-rig process.

The Rigging Toolbox for Maya is a bit different from most “auto-Riggers” or auto rigging scripts out there in that it will allow you to create custom controls and likewise includes control shapes for you to select from.

…The Rigging Toolbox allows for the creation of custom control rigs and includes many control shapes, control shape positioning and naming options, the ability to create rigs with ‘zeroed-out’ controls and the ability to set custom control colors. The result is a custom rig with immediate user familiarity…

This makes The Rigging ToolBox pretty flexible for any character rigger’s workflow where you can use individual tools from the Toolbox to help your rigging process along or use the auto-rig functionality to rig complete characters with features including foot roll attributes and FK/IK switching.

The Rigging ToolBox is written in Python and for Maya 2011, 2012, 2013 – mac & windows for the tiny price of $20.00. Find out more about The Rigging ToolBox for Maya here.