One of the best things about Autodesk Maya is its ability to manufacture pretty much anything from its components. As an example, using Maya’s particles and dynamics engine to create an interesting particle morph animation.

how to create a particle morph in Maya using particle goals

Maya animator Joe Rule posts a look as to how to use Maya’s particles, to create an animation where the particles appear to morph into different shapes. This is done with three key components in Maya.

The first component is, of course Maya particles, that are used to drive the entire animation through motion and affected fields. The particle morph in Maya is really facilitated through the particle goal function, where you can have the particles attract to the vertices of various goal objects in the scene.

Lastly, Maya’s instancer is used to replace the particles with easily renderable objects, that will complete the animation workflow. Joe walks through how to set up the particle morph and offers some tips along the way.