Create a Full Fur Groom for a Chimpanzee With Maya’s XGen

Autodesk posts a screen captured session with special guest grooming artist Michael Todd, who shows how he uses Maya’s XGen arbitrary primitive generator to create a full fur groom for Chimpanzee fur.

XGen is a really versatile tool in Maya 2016. As an arbitrary primitive generator, it can be used for scattering elements, or creating and managing things like grass, feathers, fur or hair. XGen has a full suite of grooming tools that you can use to art direct to exactly what you are looking for. Here,  Michael Todd creates a complete fur groom on an animal, which shows off Gens unique and powerful workflow.

XGen in Maya has ported over some of the old fur and hair presets form the Maya fur module, to XGen. You can choose from the popular presets to get started easily with XGen fur and hair.