Character TD and Rigging Artist, Jason Baskin has been covering a lot of the rigging processes in Autodesk Maya, with his last post looking at how to create stretchy rigs in Characters.

covering the process for creating a scalable stretchy leg

As we have seen, creating a stretchy rig can either be done through constraints and expressions, or you can create an entirely stretchy rig using only Maya nodes.

Creating a character rig is one thing, but making it so that it can be used in any scene, is quite another. One of the features that becomes important to include in the character rig is the ability to have the rig scale up or down and still work properly.

Here, Jason expands on creating stretchy rigs in Maya with a look at how to make the stretchy rigs scale with the rest of the character rig. Topics here include using Maya’s Node Editor, Connection Editor, and using the multiply/divide Node along with the conditional utility node.