A new Radial Basis Function Suite Will Be Available Soon for Maya


Inspired by the work of Hans Godard and Michael Comet, Silvestre Julien plans on releasing a suite of 4 Radial Basis Function Nodes for Autodesk Maya.

a new suite of node for maya based on radial basis function.

The Radial Basis Function Suite is composed of an RBF Morpher Deformer, an RBF Simple Node, an RBF Weight Node, and an RBF Particle Node.

Silvestre has created the nodes in C++, and is planning a release for Maya versions 2013 to 2016 running on Linux and Windows systems.

A Radial Basis Function Solver offers a more efficient system for calculations. With Hans Godard’s RBF Solver, the radial basis function was used for creating a more efficient pose space deformer. While Silvestre’s Radial Basis Function Suite does have a node that will interpolate geometry based on custom input positions, there are also nodes that can be used for interpolating any values.



The Radial Basis Function Suite includes these useful nodes:

  • RBF_morpherDeformer is a deformer which interpolate multiple geometry based on custom input positions
  • RBF_simpleNode will interpolate any kind of value (float,vector,color), could also return multiple value
  • RBF_weightNode that interpolates and returns multiple float values (weights for blend shape or constrains)
  • RBF_particleNode can interpolate any kind of particle and can also return multiple values


Check out Silvestre Julien’s Radial Basis Function Suite for Maya more information.