Julien Silvestre Releases His RBF Suite for Autodesk Maya

A while back I featured an up and coming plugin for Maya that would be a suite of Radial Basis Function Nodes for Maya, created by Silvestre Julien. Inspired but the work of Hans Godard, Silvestre has created the RBF Suite of nodes for Maya composed of a set of unique nodes written in C++.

The RBF Suite is finally released and available now. All nodes in the RBF Suite are designed to drive and interpolate any kind of information, based on the input’s location.

That means that you can use them in any part of your work. The RBF Suite can be used for any type of morphing, rigging, rig control, setting skin clusters, switch constraining, interpolating constraining, drive blendShapes, creating light rigs, effects, and the list goes on.

RBF Suite gives you 3 RBF nodes, 2 deformers, and 1 Node with command. The three nodes are the jsRBF_simpleNode, jsRBF_weightNode, and jsRBF_particleNode. The Defomation nodes are a simple deformer and a morpher.

The RBF Suite for Maya can be purchased through GumRoad for around €30.00. Check the page for the RBF Suite for Maya for download and purchase information.