Adding Extra Extrusions and Bevels to The Maya Type / SVG Tools

Ian Waters offers some great insights into using the new Maya 2016 type and SVG tools. Recently, Autodesk has re-worked the way that you work with Maya type and vector graphics within the application, addressing all the things that made working with type and vector files… well… not work at all.

Daisy chain extra extrude nodes onto the type tool to create more complex effects.

The new system relies on some new nodes, such as a shell modifier and a few others. The way that the Maya type and SVG systems are set up, you can essentially stack one effect on top of the other.

Here, Mainframe North’s Ian Waters shows how you can take advantage of how the Maya type and SVG inner workings, to add more extrusions and bevels on top of the ones you already have.


Ian breaks down the network the Maya type tool gives you when and shows how you can create your own extrude nodes to add extra extrudes and bevels to already generated 3D type.