Stacking Vector Extrude Nodes for More Complex Type in Maya

The driving force behind 3D type in Maya 2016 are the Vector Extrude Nodes. Here, Daryl Obert shows how you can stack these nodes for more creative possibilities when working with type.

A little while ago, Autodesk’s Daryl Obert posted a look at creating and animating type with Maya 2016’s new type tools. That showed how you can use multiple instances of type, but have it all driven by one node.  This will allow you to conveniently change the type in one place rather than on multiple instances.

As a part 2, into some insights on how type work in Maya, Daryl’s latest post dives even further. The nodes that are responsible for making type 3D are the Vector Extrude Nodes.

For the most part, they are very similar to the polyExtrude Node, only they have a few options for bevels and type specific attributes.

When using the new type tools in Maya 2016, you can easily “stack” the Vector Extrude Nodes and set them to affect different components on the type. Daryl shows how to make the connections, using the Node Editor, plus some other great tips.