Jonathan Lampel shows off using OpenSubDiv in the latest release of Blender. Since its release, OpenSubDiv has been finding its way into many applications, offering GPU accelerated viewport display for subdivision surfaces.

OpenSubDiv in Blender will help animators who need realtime viewport playback with final mesh subdivisions.

OpenSubdiv is Pixar’s open source libraries that will give you high performance subdivision surface (subdiv) running on both CPU and GPU.

The implementation of of Pixar’s libraries in Blender is being used for better handling of subdivided surfaces that speeds up the redrawing of deforming meshes. If you use OpenSubDiv in Blender, you will see a significant speed improvement with animated deformed meshes. At the moment, feature adaptive subdivision is not implemented with this version of Blender.

OSD comes to Blender as initial support with more integration to follow in future releases. Check out the Blender 2.76 notes for more information on the integration of OpenSubDiv in B3D.


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  1. car313

    i just now downloaded blender 2.76 rc1 64 bits. my system is geforce 750 ti 2GB ram, xeon 1246 v3, 16GB ram on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

    in the user preferences window, there is no option for open subdiv below the cuda option.

    what could i be doing wrong?

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