Creating shaders that display transmission of light can be a bit tricky, if not completely confusing at times. Most render engines will have a special shader that can better handle the subsurface scattering of light through an object. These shaders are usually more efficient than using standard monolithic materials shaders.

 how to use subsurface scattering in Octane for Cinema 4D to use in your own projects

Here, GlassHand Films Artistic Director, Brandon Clements, offers a walkthrough for working with subsurface scattering shaders while using Octane for C4D.

Drawing on image references, Brandon shows how to create and render a candle scene in C4D. The wax of the candle is the material that will have the subsurface scattering properties, to have it appear more real.

Typically subsurface scatting shaders look and work differently than common shaders. Usually they are also far from being intuitive. Brandon covers some of the settings that are available in the subsurface scattering shaders in Octane. He also shows how to get the best result for the final render.

GlassHand Films has a bunch more tutorials over at their site, covering more Octane rendering in C4D, some Modo tutorial, and even Autodesk Maya. Check out GlassHand Films here.