RodyPolis Aims to Redefine Explosions and Fire Stock Footage, With Your help

We all know that there are quite a few explosions and fire stock footage effects out there, some are clearly better than others. Can you really have enough explosions and fire effect though?

RodyPolis has been creating effects stock footage for artists for a while now, with light leaks, ink effects, action based audio and even time-lapse footage stock. Now they are creating a new Explosions and Fire Stock Footage effects pack that will be all in 4k.

What is unique about this Explosions and Fire Stock Footage effects pack is that they were developed with the shortcomings of current offerings in mind. In fact, RodyPolis polled over 300 VFX artists and filmmakers to reveal the shortcoming of what is currently amiable on the market today.

This was used as the blueprint for creating the new Explosions and Fire Stock Footage effect packs.

What struck me as unique about the new effects footage, is the scale. Some explosions and fire were physically much larger than what I have seen out there, giving you a better sense of scale, rather than slowing down the footage to achieve scale.

Another really great feature, is that RodyPolis have create things like life-sized window-based fire effects. The effects footage was shot by burning an actual window frame. Something that will be enormously useful for composing effect shots.

Redeploys is currently looking for help in Kickstarting the ActionVFX: Explosion and Fire Stock Footage packs, and have some great offerings — including the packs themselves, for those who are willing to help.

Check out the KickStarter Campaign for the ActionVFX: Explosion and Fire Stock Footage, and give them a hand.




Read the press release below:

ActionVFX: Explosion and Fire Stock Footage Redefined

Everyone uses the same effects in all their projects. One company wants to change that. ——–

It’s common nowadays to watch a movie and notice which Explosion stock footage was used for a certain shot. It’s probably the same Explosion you’ve seen or used a dozen times before. The guys at, a VFX stock producer, hope to change all that and bring more diversity to the scene with their new ActionVFXTM packs.

In order to create new effects that are actually relevant, RodyPolis turned to the users. Before starting production on their Explosion, Fire, and Fireball pack, they began learning about what users actually wanted in Stock Effects. Over 300 responses from VFX Artists and Filmmakers revealed many mistakes other Stock FX packages make, which RodyPolis intends on fixing.

Some features of these packs include:

Effects stay in frame. No cut off at edges – Effects that are cut off are useless for most wide shots, so these ActionVFXTM packs are keeping them all in frame.

Delivered in 4K and 2K resolution at 60fps of higher – Higher resolution and frame rates allow users to do more with the effects. When it comes to VFX, options are always welcomed.

Window/Door/Wall fires – Some Fire FX in this pack have window and door shapes. That makes burning a building or house more realistic, and easier!

Shot in LOG, and properly exposed – Effects that are clipped due to improper exposure offer little flexibility in post. RodyPolis is taking extra steps to insure all footage are properly shot and exposed.

These are just a few of the many features that will separate these ActionVFX packs from current Pyrotechnic Stock Effects. In order to finish these packages and release them early next year, RodyPolis is using Kickstarter to involve the Film and VFX community in this project.

Check out ActionVFX on Kickstarter and be among the first to get these new Effects at a highly discounted rate.

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If you’d like more information about the ActionVFX Project, please e-mail Rodolphe at or send us a tweet @rodypolis. Thank you!