The Foundry Shows Off Nuke 10

The Foundry has announced tat Nuke 10 will be focused on enhancing its performance, increasing stability, getting rid of bugs, and adding new functionality to the areas that matter most to artists. These areas include rendering painting, playback, export and others.

The NUKE tools you use every day are about to get a whole lot better.

Getting faster is always a wonderful thing in an application, and Nuke 10 aims to speed up the tasks that are at the core of every compositors workflow. The Foundry also mention that there are a new set of updates that promise to keep the company’s node-based compositor up to date with industry standards, including OpenColorIO integration.

Nuke 10 will have a new 3D rayTrace renderer that will scale better and offer better quality output natively, than previous versions. New to NukeX and Nuke Studio are the Smart Paint Tools. The new Paint toolset allows you to add textures or paint to any image sequence that contains complex motion or subtle details.



Nuke Studio’s timeline also sees an update, with a new way to see in-timeline soft effects including a real-time keyer, audio, and a performance boost.

The Foundry is planning for an open beta for the Nuke product line that will be available 14 January 2016 to customers on valid maintenance. Visit The Foundry for more information on Nuke 10.

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  1. Gumbum

    wait, bug fixes?!

    So you have to buy Nuke 10 to get the bugs in Nuke 9 fixed?! Are you kidding me?!

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