An In-Depth Look at the New Baked Lighting Filter in Substance Painter

Wes McDermott, Community Manager Product Evangelist at Allegorithmic shares a look at one of Substance Painter’s latest features, the Baked Lighting Filter.

an in-depth look at the new baked lighting filter and material with the goal of creating a texture for use in a mobile game project.

Recently the latest release for Substance Painter focused on improving user workflow and adding quality content. This includes enhancements like being able to create our own project templates, assign different shaders per texture sets, and a host of painting enhancements.

In the realm of new content Substance Painter includes a new car paint shader, Dota shader, velvet shader, baked lighting filter (allows to bake lighting information in your base color/diffuse) and new mask generators (light position and 3D distance).

Here, Wes shows how you can bake the lighting information from an IBL in Substance Painter, using the new Baked Lighting Filter. Previously, Wes did a rundown of all the new features and enhancements for Substance Painter 1.7, and lightly touched on the Bake Lighting Filter there.