SLiB Viewport Render for Maya and Redshift released for Free

DGDM, creator of some great Maya tools for architectural modeling and rendering, has released an early Christmas gift for Maya Redshift users. SLiB Viewport Render for Maya and Redshift will not only allow you to render using the Redshift engine in a viewport window, but also select objects directly in the render view.

SLiB VPR is a tool to extend Maya’s native RenderView and improving interactivity

Of course, that isn’t the only feature for the SLiB Viewport Render. You can also zoom the render view, and have it continue the progressive render. That is to say, without moving the camera in the scene.

Meant to extend Maya’s native render view while tackling some interactivity and speed improvements, the SLiB Viewport Render holds that promise. You can set DOF focus simply by clicking on the image.



You can isolate lights, in the render, and override and isolate shader nodes as well. The viewport render tool has support for AOV’s, making it a viable tool for production.

Here is the kicker, the SLiB Viewport Render for Maya and Redshift is free, and runs under Maya 2015 – 2016, windows, OS X and Linux.