Bender’s Dynamic Paint feature is one that becomes a unique tool that can solve a lot of problems. The data is actually stored in vertices, making it very useful for a wide range of tasks in Modeling, rendering and animation.

Blender’s Paint system lets you create animated textures dynamically, that can react to other objects and particles in the scene.

Here, Sardi Pax shows how you can employ Blender’s Dynamic Paint to create an animation of bicycle tires that leave behind a wet track on pavement. Saudi walks through all aspects of the project, creating the road and a stand-in bicycle wheel as an example.

More Resources for Dynamic Paint

This isn’t Sardi’s first look at using Blender’s Paint function. A while back, he showed how you can drive and control volumetric effects, with the paint function.

Micah Massman also showed how to control some things using D-paint in a similar vein, by using it to Reveal Particle Instances.

Andrew Price shared a look at creating a rain scene using the new dynamic paint feature in Blender as a great starting point for working with the paint feature.